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  • Payroll processing.
  • Sworn statements and income tax employee statements.
  • Employee’s allowances and benefits.
  • Maternity leave allowances for group company administrators.
  • Worker labour cost simulations (from gross yearly income)
  • T.D. Registry, employment Contracts, extensions, Employer ending statements,
  • Outstanding Tax Liabilities and Social Security statements.
  • Automated Payroll book-keeping.
  • Automated extra-payment provision book-keeping.
  • Bank Transfer file (with specific format for settlement payments)
  • Non-applicable Social Security claim processing.


Advisory & Consultancy

  • Contract amendments, extensions, terminations, etc.
  • Contract suspensions, temporary disability, paid leaves, etc.
  • Employment subsidies and Social Security contribution benefits.
  • Application of collective agreements.
  • Immigration.
  • Absenteeism.
  • Employment Inspections.

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International Business 

GROS MONSERRAT has partners in different countries, sharing knowledge and experience. They offer a high value service in our Internationalization projects.

We provide a integral service for those companies that has subsidiaries in other countries and want a firm that could be solved his needs in different areas: tax, finances, and labour. In our Labour area includes:

Payroll Management- ALL IN ONE-

  • Global HR on-line management: Integrate subsidiaries payroll data in one database.
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Possibility to be integrated with SAGE accounting software
  • International standardized reporting
  • Improve your productivity with simple and standard processes… worldwide.

Expatriate Management

International labour mobility consulting is a reality. There is no magic formula; however, the management of a specific regulation combined with legal and administrative expertise in socio-labour fundamentals, a clear direction and the commitment of all necessary participants are the ingredients to obtain a positive result in the process.

When hiring an immigrant, special care must be taken with the local legislation at destination. We precisely coordinate the process and deadlines, from consular phase until the entry and posterior legal regularization as a resident.

To GROS MONSERRAT, preliminary planning is essential to avoid improvisation. The stages in the development of our work are:

  1. Client’s key-elements identification :
    1. Identification of the target company.
    2. Functions to be carried out.
    3. Employment relationship regulation.
    4. Remuneration (cash and kind).
    5. Preplanning before leaving.
  2. Intercultural Training: Since the sharing of a language does not imply uniformity in customs and cultures.
  3. Transfer, welcome and monitoring
  4. Legal Guarantees

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